Country Fresh Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the highest quality natural and organic foods "Country Fresh".

Our goal is to be able to operate within the food industry as a vegetarian business, with compassion to all animals of the Earth.

Our goal is to provide workspace for local artisans to help them realize their business dreams and to offer assistance to them if needed, drawing from our experience in the natural foods industry.

Background of Paul Dhanoa, President and founder of Country Fresh Enterprises Inc.

Paul was born and raised on a farm in India with an appreciation of the sights and sounds of nature. Crops such as wheat, rice, corn. sugar cane and a variety of fruits and vegetables were grown in a sustainable way, letting the soil replenish itself naturally in between plantings. This is where his connection and love of natural food began.

Upon arriving in Canada in the mid 70's, Paul owned a farm in Langely, BC which grew a great variety of berries and vegetables. In a very short time, he also was gaining invaluable experience while being in management at one of Canada's largest natural food manufacturers and distributors. While still in management in the natural foods industry, Paul had the opportunity to help develop a chain of vegetarian restaurants in the Vancouver area, giving him experience in the restaurant industry.

In 1987, Paul opened his own vegetarian restaurant in the Kitsilano neighborhood of Vancouver called "Greens and Gourmet". 25 years later, it is still offering unique and wonderfully tasty dishes.

In 1994, Paul also opened a wholesale natural foods bakery and production facility in Richmond, BC called "Country Fresh Enterprises. The finest organic sprouted wheat breads, as well as a line of natural and organic Nut Butters, Granolas and Snack items are still being produced there today. As well, a number of successful entrepeneurs were able to get their start in the industry by being able to work out of this facility!